Sunday, October 30, 2011

malang tak berbau :'(

Cant explain in my own words
Cant talk to the others
Cant share with anyone
Just may only sit here.
Waiting for nothing
Without doing anything
How do I?
What should I?
Ok…still get no answer
And now I realize.
I have no one L
Too hard to face

broken heart :(

KECEWA…..TOTALLY. but I must let him go (siyesly tak ikhlas,terpaksa..berat hati,ALLAH je yang tahu L). Ni semua untuk kebaikan semua pihak. Sometime kita kena bekorban untuk orang yang kita sayang and orang sekeliling kita.
Tak sangka sekejap je ALLAH bagi masa kat kita untuk rasa bahagia bersama L
Hoping there “keajaiban” which may changes all these.hmmm
BDW,thankz GOD coz gave me a changes to get know him better,shared our feeling, love each other, collected sweet memories together..(too many to say, but have not enough strength to arrange the words..)
Take care mr FS.. keep smiling likes before J..believe that we can face it.. sayang tak semestinya bersatu,thankz coz dah terlalu banyak bekorban for me. Really appreciate that but we may do nothings…semoga ALLAH kuatkan hati kita JBBB H

air mata saksi cinta


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